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Testing Blogs

James Bach’s blog

Good reads: Exploratory Testing 3.0We. Use. Tools.

Michael Bolton’s Developsense blog

Good reads: The test case is not the testIs there a simple coverage metric? – Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing

Alan Richardson’s Evil Tester blog

Good reads: How to improve your software testing skills by following Isaac Newton’s strategies

Maverick Tester

Good reads: Test Leadership is here to stayQuality and the Toyota Production Model

Best of the Test 

Good reads: Some quick bites of Performance Testing

Testing in the Pub 

Good reads: Breaking into Agile Testing

My Software Quality

Good reads: Is Agile alive? Dead? Misunderstood?

Simon says No More 

Good reads: The purpose of testing

Zagorski Software Tester

Good reads: The black swan event

Heather Reid on Medium

Good reads: Dynamic tables in automation

Mindful Tester

Good reads: Non-violent Performance Testing

Katrina the Tester

Good reads: Test-infected Developers

A seasoned tester’s crystal ball 

Good reads: Automated tests worth maintaining

Neil Studd

Good reads: A tale of my first foray into security reporting

Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

Good reads: Pair testing

Steve Watson – Musings of a Test Manager

Good reads: Mind the gapManual testing is dead, long live manual testing!

The Testophiliac

A priori

Tester Tested


Test This Blog

Michael D. Kelly

Trish Khoo’s blog

Punkmiktests blog

The Test Doctor blog

Google Testing Blog

Quality Testing Blogs

Qeek – Simon Tomes

Technical Software Testing – Martijn de Vrieze

Association for Software Testing blog


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Testing Podcasts

Joe Colantonio’s Test Talks 

Good listen: 196: Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton

Testers’ Island Discs

Good listens:  #9 Richard Bradshaw (song picks include The Stone Roses & Oasis)    #10 Shey Crompton (song picks include The Who & Faithless)

Testing in the pub 

AB Testing 

Quality Remarks 


Lets Talk About Tests, Baby 

The Ministry of Testing Podcast 

Screen Testing

The Testing Show 


Good listens: James Bach – thebusinessoftesting.com


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