Agile QA/Tester

Testing in Agile development teams, where developers and testers usually work closely together, rather than in separate teams. Testers in Agile teams will usually provide guidance and feedback on test concepts and testability of features and user stories, as well as performing exploratory testing, manual testing and, perhaps some test automation too. Agile software development frameworks include Scrum and Kanban.

Example Job Titles: Agile QA, QA Tester, Exploratory Tester

Developer in Test

Testers who are skilled in both developing code and testing, working in a variety of software development processes, such as Test-driven development (TDD) and Behaviour-driven development (BDD) Popular frameworks include Cucumber and Capybara.

Example Job Titles: Developer in Test


Testers who work in a DevOps environment, often working with developers and operations colleagues to enable continuous testing and also providing manual and exploratory testing where and when required, such as for new features.

Example Job Titles: DevOps Engineer, DevOps Test Engineer

Manual Testing

Testers who work in a predominantly manual testing environment, where testing is performed manually rather than through the use of test automation frameworks. Testing duties include creating test plans, test cases, manually performing the actual tests and recording the results.

Example Job Titles: Test Analyst, QA Lead

Mobile App Testing

Testers who test iOS apps and Android apps, usually with specific experience and knowledge in those areas and platforms.

Example Job Titles: Mobile App Tester, iOS App Tester, Android App Tester, QA Engineer – Mobile

Performance Testing

Testers with specialist knowledge of performance testing, in areas such as load testing and stress testing. Tools include HP LoadRunner, JMeter and Rational Performance Tester. Performance testers are often skilled in providing scripts in languages such as C# and Java.

Example Job Titles: Performance Tester, Performance Test Consultant

Security Testing

Testers who specialise in security testing of web apps and/or mobile applications and/or computer systems. This will often include a broad range of skills, such as knowledge of web protocols, networking tools, scripting languages, firewalls, security concepts and standards such as OWASP. This also includes penetration testing or pen testing as it’s often known.

Example Job Titles: Penetration Tester, Pen Tester, Security Consultant, Cybersecurity Consultant, Cybersecurity Engineer

Software Testing & QA

This is a general category that can be used if the test job doesn’t quite fit into the other, more specific categories. Areas this may include are general software testing, website testing, accessibility testing, UAT testing, OAT testing, website optimisation testing and SEO testing.

Example Job Titles: Software Tester, Test AnalystQA Engineer, UAT Tester, SEO Analyst

Test Automation

Testers who work in roles utilising test automation tools and frameworks, such as Selenium and Appium. Test automation is an important element in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration environments.

Example Job Titles: Test Automation Engineer, Automation Test Analyst, QA Automation Tester

Test Management

Testers who manage the test process and test teams, co-ordinating test projects and test phases, usually in conjunction with product owners, development managers and infrastructure managers.

Example Job Titles: Test Manager, Senior QA Manager, Test Lead/Manager, Senior Tester


Testers who have specific knowledge in areas such as User Experience (UX), User Interface Design and Usability.

Example Job Titles: UX Tester, Usability Tester, UX Researcher