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General FAQs

Q: What is

A: is a software testing jobs site where testers can search for jobs and employers can post jobs to find the testers they need. Here’s more on the site and it’s USPs:

  • it’s independent of any other job site or recruitment companies
  • it’s serving the software testing community by providing a job marketplace
  • it’s run by a software tester with lengthy experience in testing and the IT industry
  • it’s serving a niche area — software testing jobs — and is not just another generic jobs site
  • I haven’t seen anyone else doing something quite like this!


Q: What jobs are displayed on

A: The jobs displayed on are software testing jobs and consist of:

  • jobs posted on the website – these are a mix of Featured Jobs and standard jobs posted by employers
  • specially selected jobs, which are posted by admin, these are jobs which testers may be interested in and are displayed with their original url
  • also, on the Find a Job page, are jobs from external sites, including Indeed and ZipRecruiter

Q: What job categories are used on

A: Please see the guide to software tester job categories  for a full list and description. These categories are used when an employer is posting a job ad to the  site.

Q: What’s your Twitter url?

A: Our Twitter url is

Q: What hashtag should I look out for?

A:  #TesterJobsUK

Q: Where can I sign up to your newsletter?

A: Our newsletter signup is at

Q: Are you on Facebook?

A: Yes, we have a Facebook page at

Q: Are you on LinkedIn?

A: Yes, we have a LinkedIn company page at

Q: What password should I use when I sign up?

A: For security, a strong password is essential to keep your account safe. Your password should have at least 12 characters, with mixed case letters, at least one number and symbols like !@”$%^&)

Why not use a password manager like LastPass, KeePass or 1Password to manage your passwords? These will suggest new, secure passwords and allow you to manage all your passwords in one place.

Q: Can I get support for an issue?

A: Yes, if you’ve signed up as a user, you can send a support issue through to us.

Q: When signing up, why do I have to choose user type?

A: You can choose either Tester or Employer user type when signing up – this is so we know whether you’re looking for a software testing job or looking to place a job ad. When you’ve signed up, your homepage will then be set to the relevant one – testers or employers – and the options in the user menu will be relevant to your user type.

Q: Oops, I’ve signed up but selected the wrong user type – can I get it changed?

A: Yes, contact us or use the support form to request this.

Q: Can I give you feedback on the website?

A: Yes, sure, check out our Website Feedback form on Google Forms, which will open in a new browser tab.

Q: Is there any extra info on the main Site Features?

A: Yes, there is a series of Site Features blog posts.

Q: What is Social Media Sign in?

A: Social Media Sign in is available for testers and allows them to easily sign in to using one of their Social Media accounts – either Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn – saving the hassle of another password to create and remember.

Q: Where does my Avatar come from?

A: Users who have signed up can see a user menu, which displays their Avatar, their first name and their relevant menu options.

The Avatar comes from one of two places:

  1. If you’re a tester – and used Social Media Sign in – your Avatar will come from the social media profile you signed in with.
  2. Otherwise, if you’ve signed up to with an email address that is associated with a Gravatar, then that Gravatar will be used.

Q: What is a Saved Job?

A: By saving a job, you can easily refer to it later on, via the My Saved Jobs user menu option. You can also add notes to your saved job, which allows you to organise and reference jobs you’re interested in and may want to view again. Additionally, when you save a job, it then appears with a bookmark icon against it in the job results, enabling you to easily distinguish it from other jobs.  Note that Saved Jobs items expire when a job expires on the site.

Q: What are the Terms and Conditions?

A: These are available in full at the Terms page. These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors, signed up users and others who access or use the website. Note that employers posting a job ad must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before they can submit their job ad.

Q: What is the Privacy Policy?

A: This is available at the Privacy Policy page.

Q: Why does the website ask me if it can use my location when I load it?

A: This allows the geolocation features of the website to work – more info can be found at the relevant blog post.

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Testers FAQs

Q: Is the site free for testers who are looking for a job?

A: Yes, the site is totally free for jobseekers – there are no charges of any sort for a jobseeker, who wants to search for and then apply for a software testing job.

Q: How do I apply for a job?

A: Its as easy as this:

  • sign up as a tester (you can Sign in with Social Media from the homepage or sign up manually with email and password) or sign in if you’ve already signed up
  • use Find a Job to find the right job for you (more info on Find a Job)
  • apply for the job – when applying for a job, you can use an online resume you’ve created on the site, or use your usual resume/CV file
  • submit your application, which the employer will then receive – good luck!

Q: Can I apply for a job on my mobile phone?

A: Yes you can!

Q: Can I apply for a job on my tablet device?

A: Yes you can!

Q: Can I apply for jobs without signing up?

A: In most cases, you’ll need to sign up first, but it’s free, quick and easy to sign up as a tester. You can either use your existing Social Media account (Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn) to sign in or, you can sign up manually – all that’s needed is some basic details and a password.

As a signed up tester you can then setup and maintain a resume, apply for jobs, save jobs you like, setup job alerts and see a list of your previous job applications.

The exception to this, is where an employer has setup their job to link to their own company website, where the application process will then be carried out on their own website – this may be due to company procedures, standards etc.

Q: Can I use my Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn account to sign in?

A: Yes, the easiest way for testers to use the website is to use the Social Media Sign in feature, allowing quick and easy sign in by the click of the relevant button on the homepage or the testers page.

Q: Can I connect my existing tester account to my Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn account?

A: Yes, if you’ve already signed up manually using email address and password, you can connect your tester account to your Facebook or Google+ or LinkedIn account. To do this, sign in with email and password, then choose My Account, then Account Details. Then in My Social Login Account, choose ‘Connect one now’ to setup the link. For future sign ins, you can then click the relevant Sign in button e.g. Sign in with Facebook.

Q: Where will I see the jobs that have been posted on the site?

A: As well as seeing the jobs on the site, they are also posted to our Twitter account @TesterJobsUK and will be included in email job alerts that testers can setup as they require.

Q: Can I setup and maintain a resume?

A: Yes, once you have signed up as a tester, you can add one or more resumes to your profile and, when a resume has been approved by admin, it can then be used when applying for a job.

Q: How do I setup and maintain a resume?

A: To setup a resume, you need to be signed up or signed in as a Tester. You can then use the My Resume option in the Testers menu or on the Tester page. From there, you can use the Add resume link to add a new resume or you can choose to edit, hide or delete an existing resume. Note: New resumes will need to be approved by admin before they can be used on the site.

Q: Why does my resume need to be approved by admin?

A: This is for safety and quality control, with the aim of keeping fake and malicious content off the site.

Q: Can I use my LinkedIn profile to create a resume?

A: Yes, when creating your resume you can click the Import from LinkedIn button to use your LinkedIn profile to create a resume – all you have to do is sign in to your LinkedIn account in the popup window. If you’ve got a full LinkedIn profile, most of the online resume fields will be filled in for you, which you can then edit as required and add extra information, such as your own web/social URLs, Education and Experience.

Q: I’ve already created a resume/CV file – can I add it to my online resume?

A: Yes, one of the options when creating an online resume is Resume File, where you can upload an existing resume/CV file that you have already created. Usually this would be a PDF version of your resume/CV, as PDFs are one of the easiest document formats to share.

Q: What are the options in the user menu?

A: For testers, the options in the user menu are:

  • My Account – View the My Account page, where account details can be viewed and changed
  • My Resume – Any resume the tester has setup
  • My Job Alerts – Any email job alerts the tester has setup
  • My Saved Jobs – Any jobs the tester has saved
  • My Job Applications – Any jobs the tester has previously applied for (except for those via external company websites)
  • My Avatar – Displays FAQs info about the Avatar
  • Sign Out

Q: How do I sign in to my profile?

A: You can sign in to your profile by using the Sign In/Sign Up option.

Q: How do the tags on the Find a Job page work?

A: Click on the tag(s) to select them and then the jobs displayed in the search results will match any of the selected tags. This is an easy way to filter the jobs displayed, by the tag(s) you’re interested in. Note that the tags don’t have any effect on the jobs displayed from Indeed and ZipRecruiter, which are displayed under the main job search results.

Q: How do I search for Remote jobs?

A: Full details are on the Site Feature: Remote jobs page.

Q: Is there a Testers homepage?

A: Yes, you can find this at /testers

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Employers FAQs

Q: What are Featured Jobs?

A: Featured Jobs allow you to ensure your job stands out from the crowd – appearing at the top of job search results – as well as being displayed on the homepage and on the testers page. This all means that a featured job is the most visible to testers during their use of the website.

Q: What are your prices for posting a job?

A: The pricing page shows all the available packages, with full details of costs and what’s included in the packages.

Q: Do you offer volume pricing for purchase of multiple job postings?

A: Yes, this can be arranged through the issue of a discount coupon, to give a discount off the overall price, depending on the size of order. Please contact us to request this.

Q: What payment types are accepted?

A: Currently, online payments can be made by Stripe or PayPal. For security, any payment details and card details are only processed on the payment provider’s website and not on the website. Another way to pay is via bank transfer/BACS where you can pay directly into our bank account – full instructions are given when placing an order and, please note, this payment method will take longer to process.

Q: Do you charge any credit card fees – or any other added fees?

A: No, we don’t charge any credit card fees, transaction fees or any other added fees – the price on the Pricing page is the price you pay (minus any discount coupon or special offer, where applicable)

Q: How do I post a job?

A: It’s as easy as this:

  • press Post a Job and select the Pricing plan you’d like to use
  • enter your job details
  • sign in to your employer account or sign up a new one
  • enter your payment details – which can be via Stripe, PayPal (or even via bank transfer/BACS, which will take longer to process) – and once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation
  • once the job is approved by admin, it will then appear on the site, and you will receive an email confirming this

Q: Why does my job listing need to be approved by admin?

A: This is for safety and quality control, with the aim of keeping fake and malicious content off the site.

Q: What happens if I post a job out of business hours?

A: Admin will start the approval process on the next business day.

Q: Can I post a Job from my mobile phone?

A: Yes you can. If you already have a Company profile, you can sign in to that and select the Post a job option from the menu. Or, if you don’t yet have a Company profile, you can create one of those and then post a job.

Q: Can I edit jobs I have posted?

A: Yes, if the job is still active on the website (e.g. it hasn’t expired) you can edit it. You can do this when logged in, via the Manage Jobs option, available via the Employers menu or on the Employers page.

Q: After I post a job, where does it appear?

A: Once approved, the job will appear on the site ready to be found by testers searching for their next role. It will also appear in our  Twitter account @TesterJobsUK  and will be included in email job alerts that testers have setup, where relevant.

Q: Can I manage the entire recruitment process within the site?

A: Yes, when posting a job, you can set an application email address where all job applications are sent to. This means that once a tester has applied for a job, you can manage the recruitment process within by using the Manage Jobs option in the Employers menu or on the Employers page. This allows you to do the following:

  • see all testers who have applied for the job so far
  • view the message and the resume/CV that the tester sent when they originally applied for the job
  • send an email to the tester, to further the recruitment process e.g. setup an interview, extend an employment offer etc – use this option to keep the tester fully informed of any progress with their job application.
  • add/view private notes, a rating and status for each tester who has applied for the job
  • once you’ve hired a tester to fill the position, you can set the relevant tester’s status to Hired, which will mark the job as filled and nobody else will be able to apply for that job

Q: What happens when my job listing expires?

A: Firstly, a few days before your job listing expires, you will receive an email saying that your job listing is expiring soon. Then, once the job listing has expired, you can login to your account and  use the Manage Jobs option to do the following:

  • Relist – You can relist your job on the site – click Relist, then select the Pricing plan required and then pay for the relisting –  your job listing will then appear on the site again
  • Delete – You can delete your job listing
  • View stats – View the stats for the job listing

Q: Can I create a job that links to a job page on my company website?

A: Yes, when posting a job, you can set the application URL to link to a job page on your company website. This caters for the situation where all job applications have to come via your company website. This means that the recruitment process is then handled via your company website and not this site.

Q: Can I try the site out with a free job posting?

A: No, we don’t have free job postings, but sometimes can provide an employer (who is new to the site) with a coupon code, offering a reduction on the standard pricing for their first job ad posting. Please contact us to ask about coupons for new employers to see if that offer is running.

Q: How do I access my previous orders, account details etc?

A: Click the Employers menu option and then the My Account menu option to view the My Account page, from where options such as Dashboard, Orders, Addresses and Account details are available.

Q: Can I view stats for my job postings?

A: Yes, you can view stats for your job postings by logging in and using the View Job Stats option in the Employers menu or on the Employers page.

Q: What are the options in the user menu?

A: For employers, the options in the user menu are:

  • My Account – View the My Account page
  • Manage Jobs – Manage any job listings you have posted
  • View Job Stats – View the stats for any job listings you have posted
  • My Saved Jobs – Manage any jobs you have saved
  • My Avatar – Displays FAQs info about the Avatar
  • Sign Out

Q: What is the Social Media Boost mentioned in the Checkout page when posting a job ad?

A: Anyone posting a job to now has the option to pay for a Social Media Boost – this will allow you to get your job post viewed by many more people, without the hassle of having to setup ad campaigns for your job ad. Social Media Boosts are available for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Full details are on the Social Media Boost Site Features page.

Q: Does my discount coupon apply to the Social Media Boost?

A: No, discount coupons only apply to the job ad element of your order and do not apply to any Social Media Boost you may add to your order at the Checkout.

Q: What are the Job Tags on the job submission form?

A: The Job Tags allow you to select up to 5 relevant tags for your job. These tags are used by testers on the Find a Job page while searching jobs, so please select only those tags relevant to your job. There is a pre-defined list of tags, to make the most of this feature and so as to avoid repeated or unnecessary tags.

Q: How do I post a Remote job?

A: Full details are on the Site Feature: Remote jobs page.

Q: Is there an Employers homepage?

A: Yes, you can find this at /employers

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Other FAQs

Q: How secure is my data?

A: Your personal data on the site is as secure as your account password strength – so the stronger your password strength, the more secure your data. Therefore, we would advise you to use the strongest passwords possible. Password managers such as LastPass can be used to suggest very strong passwords and then manage them for you, saving you the hassle.

For payments data,  any payment details and card details are only processed on the payment provider’s website and not on the website.

For further website security, a Web Application Firewall is continually running and filters out malicious requests to the website and there is a regular, scheduled website scan for malware and other malicious content.

Q: I would like to advertise on this site – do you display advertising?

A: Yes, see our dedicated advertising page for more details.

Q: Does integrate with Google Jobs Search?

A: Yes, already directly integrates with Google Jobs Search using job posting structured data. More details can be found on the relevant Site Features blog post.

Q: Can I ask another question that hasn’t been answered in the FAQs?

A: Yes, send us your question via our contact form.

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