Site Features: Global software testing jobs

The site has now been upgraded so that we can offer global software testing jobs! Jobs in international locations can be added and employers from any country can buy job listings.

On the Find a Job page, you can enter any global location to see jobs in that location.

Also a geolocation feature has been added to the site, so when you load the site next, it should ask you if you want to allow it to find your location. If you allow it, it will then use the location it finds and show you the relevant location on the Find a Job page map.

Note that the geolocation feature finds the country you’re in but it’s not any more detailed than that, as there have been issues with it trying to identify which city users are in.

When the Find a Job page loads, it should display the country you’re located in in the Location field in the search input fields – if the map is not updated to your country, try refreshing the page or pressing the Search button and the map should then be updated.

Global Users

If you’re a global user (e.g. outside UK) and see any problems with the geolocation feature – for example, it doesn’t show the correct country on the map or in the Location input field – please either log a bug (if you’re a registered user) or  let us know via our Contact page.

The issues may be due to the platform and/or browser you’re using – so please let us know that also e.g. Windows 10/Chrome, OSX 10.14/Safari, iPhone 8/Safari.

Employers: Special Offer Coupon

To celebrate the site going global, we’ve added a 20% coupon, which will be available until the end of 2018.

The coupon code to use is GLOBAL2018 and can be used to get 20% off job listings on the website.


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