Site Features: Remote jobs

The addition of Tags to the website now allows for Remote jobs to be added to the site.

What is a Remote job?

A Remote job is one where a tester can perform the job at a remote location e.g. their home office, rather than at a company’s premises/offices. Some Remote jobs may require some attendance at the company’s premises/offices such as for meetups, meetings, official company business etc.

As an Employer, how do I post a Remote job?

To post a Remote job

On the Job Submission form (as seen in screenshot) choose the following settings for your job ad:

  • in the Job Title field, you can optionally put Remote in the Job Title e.g. Remote iOS App Tester
  • in the Job Location field, enter UK (this is to ensure that the job will appear in Google Jobs Search results)
  • in the Job Tags field, include the tag Remote
  • in the Job Description, you can optionally specify that it’s a Remote job and include any specific information on the Remote aspects of the job



As a Tester, how do I search for Remote jobs?

Searching for a Remote job

  • go to Find a Job
  • look at the list of tags at ‘Filter by tag’ – if Remote tag is there, click it to see Remote jobs. If it’s not there, there are no Remote jobs posted at the moment.

You can also see if there are any remote jobs in our Indeed and ZipRecruiter job feeds. To do this, enter the word remote into the Keywords search input field and then press Search. Note that these remote jobs may be of all different types, not just software testing jobs.



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