Site Features: Google Jobs Search integration

You may have heard that Google Jobs Search has now come to the UK, adding Jobs specific search capabilities to Google Search.

If you plan to post a job listing on you’ll be delighted to hear that already directly integrates with Google Jobs Search using job posting structured data and we’ve just been waiting for Google Jobs Search to launch in the UK to announce this integration.

This means that any jobs posted to will potentially appear in the Google Jobs Search results – as usual with Google Search, nobody can say which jobs will appear where in the results, as Google’s algorithms are strictly top secret – although people like to guess what’s in them, of course.

What does this mean for employers wanting to post a job listing on

It’s business as usual – with the possible added advantage that your job listing will potentially appear in Google Jobs Search results.

Rather than being a generic jobs board, the website offers pinpoint targeting of jobs to software testers, as well as built-in features such as an easy process to post a job ad, performance tracking with job ad stats, use of Featured Listing to promote your listing, the option to do a Social Media Boost and many more features that are detailed on the employers page.

What does this mean for testers wanting to find a software testing job on

It’s also business as usual – we’d recommend testers come straight to the website where they’ll find a jobs website specifically for UK software testing jobs, run by a UK software tester and independent of any other job board or recruitment companies, with many site features such as JobFinder, Job Alerts, Testing Resources and Social Media Sign in.

There’s also the more generic path of entering a job search in Google Search to see the Google Jobs Search results along with the usual search results – this may even lead to the website anyway, depending on which jobs Google is showing, based on their algorithms.

Further info on Google Jobs Search coming to the UK:



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