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Anyone posting a job to now has the option to pay for a Social Media Boost – this will allow you to get your job post viewed by many more people, without the hassle of having to setup ad campaigns for your job ad. This Social Media Boost will gain more exposure for your job post and may also benefit from users who share, like and comment on your job post.

Social Media Boosts are available for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What is a Social Media Boost?

It’s an easy way to boost the exposure of your job post onto the platform(s) of your choice – by creation of an ad campaign specifically for your job ad on the relevant platform(s)

What are the Social Media Boost prices?

A Social Media Boost to Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn is currently £39.

Combo options allow you to ‘Social Media Boost’ to two platforms of your choice for £69 – which is a saving of over 10% off the full price.

The best value package is the ‘Social Media – Special Offer – Boost All’ which will boost your job ad to all platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is currently available for £99 – which is a saving of over 15% off the full price.

What are the Social Media Boosts for each platform?

  • The Social Media Boost for Twitter will be a ‘Tweet engagement campaign’ which will promote the Tweet posted to publicise the job ad URL
  • The Social Media Boost for Facebook will be a ‘Facebook Boost’ which will promote a Facebook post added to publicise the job ad URL
  • The Social Media Boost for LinkedIn will be a ‘LinkedIn Sponsored Content’ which will promote a LinkedIn post added to publicise the job ad URL

When can I buy a Social Media Boost?

During the Checkout process when you post a job on

Can I buy a Social Media Boost after the checkout process?

Yes, you may decide after checkout or later on, that you want a Social Media Boost, so this can be requested by email to or by sending a message via our Contact page. We will then send you an invoice for the selected Social Media Boost and once that’s paid we can setup the Social Media Boost.

What is the Post to Twitter that is included in current job listing prices?

This is a post to Twitter – to the  @TesterJobsUK Twitter profile – and is a standard tweet not a promoted tweet.

Full ‘Social Media Boost’ Terms available on the Terms and Conditions page.


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